C’est le jeu – the classic.

What town in Germany could match roulette better than Baden-Baden? Monsieur Bénazet answered that question a good two centuries ago when he imported this fine art of gaming from Paris. and celebrated it in Baden-Baden with his concession. Even today, the roulette tables are the flagship at top establishments, and only a few have them – Casino Baden-Baden being one of them, as French roulette means the same to them as faites vos jeux – the savoir faire of gaming.

Aim of the game
Unlike American roulette, you sit at the table in French roulette, the green of the table (tableau) waiting to be played in front of you. You’ll find a grid with thirty-six consecutive numbers 1 to 36 – and zéro. The numbers take a different order on the wheel.

Course of the game
No game without rules and impartial supervision – the chef de table gives the ordres at French Roulette, heading his team or équipe and sorting out disagreements as might occur in the heat of the game. Faites votre jeu – the game begins. Chips are available at the cash desk in denominations from €2 to €5,000. Now you make your bets. A sudden feeling urges you to place on 26, and you switch over – which is perfectly good until the chef de table politely calls rien ne va plus, “no more.” The croupier throws the ball; the game begins and ends seconds later – with luck for some, not so much for others. As not only Monsieur Bénazet would have said, c’est la vie.

The chef de table’s team will place your bet on numbers of combinations on the table that are too much of a stretch from where you are if you ask them. They also help Lady Luck in paying out the winnings. Don’t worry about losing the plot during this lively game – croupiers have an excellent memory for numbers and faces, and you’ll always receive your winnings at the casino.

Our range:
One table for French Roulette
Minimum stakes: €2 and €5
Opening times 2:00 PM to 2:00 AM; Friday and Saturday until 3:30 AM

Casino Baden Baden