The social concept is part of the corporate philosophy of Spielbank Stuttgart. An essential, practical component of the concept has been the cooperation with the Evangelische Gesellschaft Stuttgart (EVA) since 1999. With around 800 full-time employees in around 90 different services, it has set up a network of social assistance services that spans large parts of Baden-Württemberg. EVA's mission statement, which follows the principle of "as much help as possible and necessary" and is equally oriented towards the needs and self-help powers of those affected, fits the situation of people with problematic playing behaviour. Here, too, initiative and external help must interlock in order to have a lasting effect.

Trained Staff

Since 2003 EVA has been teaching our team how to recognize conspicuous gaming behaviour as early as possible. Our employees are sensitized for dealing with problem players and react appropriately even in crisis situations. You know we can help.

Contact to research

In addition to the competence of EVA, Spielbank Stuttgart also makes use of the experience of the Swiss School of Social Work in Lucerne. The Swiss scientists contribute their expertise to various projects in Stuttgart and played a major role in the development of our social concept. This proximity to research also explains our continuing commitment to the Gambling Research Centre at the University of Hohenheim.