Slot machines. Lighting up the spa town.

Slot machines. Lighting up the spa town.

Where would be a better place to combine grandiosity and gaming than in the historic vaults of Kurhaus itself? A Las Vegas casino atmosphere with more than a hundred and forty slot machines, or one-armed bandits as many call them, to light up the town – sometimes flashing, sometimes calm. Our vaulted ceilings always submerge you in the unique atmosphere that only slot machines can convey, bringing the lights of the spa town to a shine. You call the shots here. You choose how much you want to bet. You decide whether you want to play poker, bingo or roulette the high-tech way.

Pushing or pulling
The minimum bet per game at Casino Baden-Baden is 1, 2, 5, 10, and 50 cents depending on the slot machine. All you do is push the start button or pull the old-school lever to start playing – we have multigame devices with several games to choose from; the payout odds at our slot machines are 92-97%.

Stakes and winnings
All of our slot machines accept banknotes; change and winnings are always paid out on demand. Wins of up to €200 come in the form of cash-free credit “tickets” that can either be used to bet on most of our other machines or redeemed at our cash desk. If you win a higher amount, our casino staff will pay it out to you at the machine. Discretely, if you prefer ... if you hit the jackpot.

State-of-the-art games machines
Stereo sound and vibration seats give you the ultimate gaming experience on our two new Michael Jackson King of Pop machines.

Casino Baden Baden