Slot machines.

Use the machine any way you want at Casino Baden-Baden

We at Casino Baden-Baden have a rich repertoire of ways to play on gaming machines. It’s up to you!

One-armed bandits and classical fruit machines
Some of the old-school fruit machines at Casino Baden-Baden still answer to the traditional name – one-armed bandit – with symbols (usually fruit) on wheels spinning mechanically. You start the game by pressing the start button or pulling the lever at the side of the machine. Depending on your luck, the wheels stop with the symbols lined up in a winning combination, a payline ... or a losing combination.

From classic to modern fruit machines
You’ll find high-tech spinning the wheels on modern fruit machines. Digital technology uses random number generators to decide on your luck. Artistic designs have emerged in an intriguing collection of themes taking up their own little corner in everyday life. Digitalisation has brought different games and win options to these slot machines – options such as income multipliers, free spins, and a variety of paylines, symbols and winning combinations.

Roulette on the machine
Digital roulette devices are a reinvention of classical roulette, taking the roulette ball on the table into a small, manageable virtual scene on the machine allowing you to join in your everyday street clothes – no need to dress up for the occasion. You can choose between a simple version and one that faithfully mirrors the casino game. Casino Baden-Baden’s multi-roulette machines consist of ten individual places for non-smokers, and eight for smokers in another showcase example of combining classical and modern – the ball rolling in two real French wheels in front of everyone on the one hand, and virtual chips on the roulette machine on the other. You decide on the pace. The terminal will give you all the information you need – game details, ways to win, permanence.

Poker on the machine
Poker machines can’t bluff, and you don’t have to – card combinations decide whether you win or lose. We have a variety of poker versions available. Some devices give you the choice of whether you want to play double or quits, or take your winnings.

Bingo or keno on the machine
Wedding date, birthday – bet on your favourite numbers at bingo or keno.

These devices give you a variety of different games on one single machine.

You alone decide on how you use our slot machines at Casino Baden-Baden – it all depends on your preferences and budget. The minimum stake per game is 1, 2, 5, 10, or 50 cents depending on the machine. The payout rates range between 92-97 percent. All of our slot machines accept banknotes, and pay out change and wins on demand. Wins up to €200 come in the form of cash-free credit “tickets” that can either be used to bet on most of our other machines or redeemed at our cash desk. If you win a higher amount, our casino staff will pay it out to you at the machine.

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