You might hit the jackpot from the pooled stakes of more than one of our machines at Casino Baden-Baden, as we pay out accumulated winnings – now that’s a jackpot!

Hitting one of our jackpots has nothing to do with force – luck is what counts as the winnings collect in your favour. Some slot machine systems at Casino Baden-Baden are stronger taken together, with more potential winnings than on individual machines. They collect lots of individual stakes, and a massive win can come out of the blue. That’s your jackpot. You can even win on your first cent – in theory, at least.

This passion for collecting can lead to really huge jackpots at Casino Baden-Baden. You can hit a jackpot if you play for the jackpot at our multi-level Cash Express or Poker systems, with considerable sums waiting to emerge from under the lid. The jackpot can come from nowhere, the winnings paid out to you directly and discreetly by one of our game technicians – along with a glass of bubbly to celebrate on request.

Casino Baden Baden