Casino Baden-Baden

More than a feeling. Baden-Baden. The Casino.

Casino Baden-Baden: Dive into a world of old-school gaming with roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines in the ambience of the Belle Epoque.

Baden-Baden is more than a city – Baden-Baden is a way of life. And Casino Baden-Baden at the Kurhaus is more than a casino – as you stroll through the lavish arcades and ceremonial halls, you’ll quickly feel the enchantment in the casino. It’s more than a feeling, there’s that sense of history – the Kurhaus was once the epitome of European bathing and spa culture attracting Europe's high society for an easy, carefree summer at this magnificently genteel edifice that earned Baden-Baden the reputation as Europe’s summer capital in the Black Forest. A round at the tables for a game of cards, or later roulette, was just as much part of this way of life after spending a day strolling through the casino’s sumptuous grounds.We’ve since cultivated and gently modernised this source of splendid diversion that was once the privilege of the upper ten thousand, adding entertainment to recreation at Casino Baden-Baden. Gambling stayed, of course, how could it be any different after two centuries of tradition? We now have poker and Las Vegas-style slot machines in addition to roulette and blackjack in an atmosphere of classical architecture combining casino gaming and style, gambling and glamour in an ensemble of tradition and modernity. 

The games.There’s a very special feeling to roulette; we have classical French Roulette at two tables and American roulette where gaming is fast and rapid, and altogether more American, at seven other tables.

If you prefer a game of cards over the spinning roulette wheel, you’ll feel right at home at one of our five blackjack tables; if you’re a master of your emotions, you might like to try your hand at poker – it’s full house at the Kurhaus. Or how about a go on the machines under our historic vaulted ceilings? You’ll find a place with the latest high-tech with more than a hundred and forty slot machines, touch-screen machines, video slots, and video roulette systems for that Las Vegas sensation in the lower, separately accessible part of our casino.

We only close Casino Baden-Baden a few times a year since we’re also bound to keep to official days of rest – Good Friday, All Saints, Remembrance Day, Penenace Day, Remembrance Sunday, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We’re open as on an ordinary weekday before these public holidays, and up to 3:30 AM before other public holidays.

Faites vos Jeux!
Classical gaming from 2:00 PM
Slot machines from noon

Classical gaming: €5
Slot machines: €1

Casino Baden Baden