Curious? New to gaming?

Roulette has become surrounded in legends about players, tricks, and dead-cert systems. But if you just want to play roulette for the fun of it, it’s really easy to learn. We’re there to explain roulette, poker, or blackjack; we’ll tell you how high your stake should be and how high the risk is, just like life in general.

Croupiers will tell you stories about why tables were sometimes covered by a black cloth in earlier times (someone broke the bank), how much the bank paid if your chip landed on two numbers next to one another, how likely it would be for the ball to land on whichever number or number combination, the story about the box in blackjack, why some poker players were able to build on a full house in an all-in ... and how you can just have a go without risking anything and test your new know-how in just-for-fun rounds with no real stakes – and the things you can win besides.

Or you can turn your curiosity into an extraordinary event – our casino offers exclusive arrangements if you want to invite your partners after clinching that megadeal, your friends for a birthday do, or your colleagues for your company anniversary – just select a dinner in our restaurant "The Grill", and our croupiers will serve you à la carte, as it were, as they guide you into the world of gaming.

Please reserve your gaming instruction session at least a week in advance:
+49 (7221) 30 24-0 or by e-mail to

Of course, you can also take part in an instruction session in the morning during the guided tour as well.

Please note: Our admission fees at Casino Baden-Baden will apply if you require an instruction session during gaming hours.

Price: €90 per group (maximum group size: 30) plus casino admission fee.

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